Sunday, October 25, 2009

On a whim at midnight Paul and I decided to try and redo the window above our kitchen sink. I made the curtains with the leftover fabric from the seat cushions I reupholstered-the color looks much different in the lighting under the cabinets! So we took out the old blinds that were discolored and falling apart-yuck! and Paul took out the 20 year old light fixture that was above our sink. We picked this pendant light up at Home Depot the other day because we've been keeping our eyes open for one that was a good price, and this one was the least expensive we've seen! So in just 1 hour Paul and I got rid of another dated window treatment and one more dated fixture! Many more to go, and lots of painting to do still, but it always feels good when we finish a mini-project!

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  1. Very cute - and the work will probably never actually end, but you do make lots of progress!