Friday, May 21, 2010

Coffee Table Ottoman

I knew I wanted to make this project so I had my eyes on the lookout on Craigslist for the perfect coffee table for the job. We found this one for $20 and it was the shape I needed and had two drawers-I always love more storage! It was a little beat up from the previous owner but was sturdy, so it still fit the bill. I sanded the entire thing down, primed it and then painted it with a couple coats of black paint. I had Paul's help to cut down the legs about 5" so it was at more of a typical coffee table height. Then I added some blue antique looking knobs and got to work on the top. For the top, I measured where I wanted my buttons to be, marked them by making a criss-cross design on the top, and drilled the holes. I then used a spray adhesive to attach my 2" thick organic soy foam to the top. Once that was completed, I poked my upholstery needle up through the foam from the underside of the table, and cut out a little circle of foam right around the needle to allow the button a place to go. I then covered the whole thing with batting and stapled it down. I then laid the fabric over the top and attached the buttons that I made using a button kit from Joanns. I just folded the pleats as I went, but this was the hardest part and isn't a necessary step in the process, I just liked the look. After the buttons were all sewn on, I stapled my fabric around all of the edges! It is much more cozy in our living room now! I am glad I did this project because Paulie and I have never owned a coffee table that we DIDN'T use as an ottoman anyway, so this is perfect! I just added a little tray on top so if anyone needs to set a drink down, there is a place to do it!
Materials needed:
Dremmel tool (only for cutting down the legs)
Primer and Paint
Upholstery needle
Upholstery thread/twine
Button making kit from Joanns
2" think foam cut to size
Spray adhesive


  1. I love it. I wish I had the ability to see the potential that ordinary-seeming things have.

  2. Love this! Great eye on putting this together, congrats!