Monday, November 23, 2009

Before and After: Bookcase

The first picture is the "blank slate" picture of the bookcase we made over. The picture with the furniture in it is what the room looked like the first time we saw the house while the previous owners were still living here. A lot of hours later and the "seen-better-days" bookcase (and our first major project) is re-vamped! Paul had the brilliant idea of adding those white curtains at the bottom so we could hide cords and anything else we wanted to have access to but didn't want to be seen. Paul worked so hard (with the help of his dad, Peter and a little bit from me) to get the tv cut-out perfect and to get it painted to my standard of "finished" and now it serves great purpose and makes our family room look quite cozy in my opinion! I used to not know how we were going to use the family room because the first time we walked through the house the room looked so tiny and dark, but now it is my favorite room in the house!


  1. Those little curtains are such a great idea. My apartment is seriously overrun with electrical cords.

  2. They were SUPER easy to make-took me about 20 minutes to finish them. We just bought tension rods at home depot (I think they are like $3 a piece) and that's how we hung them up in there too. You should try it!


  3. I agree with Rochelle, the curtains are so great! And, what a husband you have to actually think of hiding them! My husband could care less about the cord tangle mess everywhere :)