Sunday, November 1, 2009

Small projects

Hooray! I have learned how to upload more than 5 pictures at a time! Okay, moving on...

Here are a few pictures of projects that Paul and I have been working on recently. Not all of them have worked out quite the way we planned! As you notice in the picture of the window treatments the paint is a light blue that, in small amounts, looked great, but on and entire wall looked terrible. The picture of Paul standing on the ledge (or on top of our kitchen cabinets) is him vacuuming the cobwebs from the ceiling the night he stayed up till 3:30 in the morning painting our walls blue. We didn't realize the awfulness of the color until we saw it in the daylight the next day but by then it was two late. 3/4 of a gallon of paint and many hours of painting later and it was all for naught! So the picture of the two window treatments (one of which I have re-covered with a new fabric-the tan and white cherry blossoms) has samples of other paint colors on the wall that we were trying to decide on after seeing how the blue turned out. We ended up going very neutral. We painted Glidden's Natural Wicker on one wall and Glidden's Water Chestnut on the three other walls. More picture of that to come at a later date. Also, Paul has become quite the handyman when it comes to re-wiring light fixtures! There is a before and after picture of the fixture he recently replaced in our downstairs family room. He also replaced the one in our front entry way with the same fixture.
The other two pictures are of my latest project. A mirror to hang above our sofa table (once all our walls are painted and floors done!). We got it at TJ Maxx Home Goods store for $18!! It was $60 before but the original bronzed edge had some nicks in it which is why it was discounted. An hour of painting it and some nice Swiss Coffee paint and it looks brand new and much more updated! I can't wait to start putting the accessories ON the wall instead of cluttered around on our floors! One step at a time I suppose!


  1. Did you make those window treatments yourself?

  2. Sorry I just realized this wasn't the young house love blog I thought it was, but I'm loving your posts anyhow. Hope you don't mind me crashing:)